Womens health and check ups

Preventive healthcare for women

Over the last few decades medicine has developed at an incredible pace. Today early detection of many diseases makes targeted, non-invasive treatment possible.

Frauenärztin Dr. A. M. WagnerFor this reason I place great value on preventive care in my practice in Basle.

  • Gynaecological examination with Pap smear test/palpation of external and internal reproductive organs.

  • From age 30 breast examination and palpation

  • From age 50 - 69: mammography screening

  • Vaginal abdominal ultrasound
    together with palpation for early detection of changes in lower abdomen

  • HPV-Test (Human Papilloma Virus)
    The risk of cervical cancer can be determined more accurately with additional HPV test than with a Pap smear alone.


My practice is equipped with a modern Centrel colposcopy which enables me to examine the vaginal entrance, vaginal walls and the cervix with up to 8x magnification.

Cancer aftercare

Women's healthcare and prevention in baselFollowing their cancer surgery we continue to care for and closely monitor our patients. This is often in close collaboration with an oncologist. It is the job of the medical team to coordinate treatments and to recognise any side-effects. In addition, we place special emphasis on psychological well-being and open discussion.


In our practice we check your vaccination status and carry out annual flu jabs. We can also administer HPV vaccinations. When needed, we can refer you to your own doctor for booster vaccinations.

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