Mons Venus - Perfect femininity

Mons Venus - Perfect femininity

The pubic mound is also called ‘mons Venus', the hill of the Venus. Already among the old poets of the Middle Ages many songs and poems were dedicated to it. In modern times, a very pronounced pubic mound can be perceived as distracting, because you want to look good in a bikini or tight clothes.

That is why many of our clients are learning about ways to reduce the size of the mons Venus. We are known for our great empathy with which we respond to the aesthetic and physical needs of our customers.

What can we do for you so that you are completely satisfied with your appearance?

Why the mons venus enlarges

This body part consists mainly of subcutaneous fat tissue and lies like a cushion over the pubis. Due to hormonal changes, these fat deposits can enlarge. The pubic mound becomes particularly prominent, annoyingly large and visible through tight clothing or in a bikini.

Monsplasty - The operative reduction of the mons venus

The correction is performed under local anaesthesia, and thus largely painless. After about 60 minutes, the excess fat is taken away and the overlying skin tightens.

As with any medical treatment, complications can also occur here. This can be bleeding, bruising or swelling. We have a high level of experience with such medical procedures and avoid any risk.

You can leave our practice about half an hour after the operation, but take a break of at least an hour before you get behind the wheel of your car.

The swelling will subside after about a week because it is a simple procedure. Soon afterwards, you can look at your beautiful silhouette in the mirror and proudly admire your new self in a bikini.

You are welcome to seek advice at our medical office. Make an appointment if you would like to know more.

Private medical office in a discreet atmosphere

All consultations, treatments and medical interventions are carried out in our private practice. It is a perfect and discreet place for aesthetic treatments that are performed here directly and on an outpatient basis. Your beauty deserves only the best.

Which investments do I have to expect?

We offer our clients these treatments at advantageous flat rates.

• One-time treatment (surgery): from 2,500 SFR

Unfortunately, health insurance does not contribute to the costs.

Make an appointment now for a consultation. Call us at +41 61 666 62 10 Or write an e-mail to

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