Lichen Sclerosus

Lichen sclerosus – White spots on pure skin

Behind the mysterious sounding name hides a truly mysterious disease whose cause is still little researched.

Lichen sclerosus (LS) is an inflammatory, non-infectious, but chronic, skin disorder of the external genital area. It is by no means a sexually transmitted disease and its cause is certainly not due to a lack of hygiene either.

From a medical point of view, LS is one of the more ‘recent diseases’ because it was first mentioned in various medical textbooks around 100 years ago. Due to the high taboo factor, the dark number of illnesses seems to be very high. Do not hesitate and inform yourself now.

How to recognize that you are suffering from lichen sclerosus

Unfortunately, due to the lack of test results, the early detection is very difficult. As a result, the diagnosis is often made only years later, when the disease is well advanced.

In our medical office, we are happy to advise you if you have questions about this disease.

These are the typical symptoms:

• in the early stages, the disease is often confused with fungal infections or similar diseases, as even visual changes in the skin are barely recognizable

• bumpy onset itching and / or burning in the genital area (in women in the vulva, in men on the vforeskin and the glans), sometimes to the buttocks column and anus

• complaints during sexual intercourse or a strong feeling of soreness afterwards

• problems similar to cystitis

Prevention and recognition through self-observation

In an early phase, the disease is detected by self-observation. In some women whitish deposits, with slight tears at the posterior part of the vagina, may occur. It may also be that the small spots remain with the labia majora. This can narrow the vagina and reduce the clitoris. Overall, the skin appears whitish-glossy and thinned in the affected areas. Often it advances so far that normal sexual intercourse is no longer possible.

In men, white deposits show on the foreskin and later on the glans.

In all cases, a detailed skin examination is beneficial.

We know that this condition can severely affect your quality of life. Above all, it threatens having a fulfilling and satisfying sexual life.

Therefore, we see it as our task to help you and to support you, so that your life goes back to a reasonably normal state, because with this disease, you can only slow down or stop it. A cure is still not possible according to the current state of medicine. We want to support you as early as possible.

This is why we recommend that you make an appointment now for a consultation. Call us at (....) Or write an e-mail to xxx@yyy.zzz

Which treatment options are there?

In our practice we have developed several very effective programs and therapies that we can offer individually after a comprehensive analysis and consultation:

Inflammation or skin irritation can be alleviated with a cream based on cortisone or tacrolimus (anti-inflammatory). However, existing scarring remains and the risk of neoplasm is only reduced by early treatment. Therefore, in addition to self-observation, we always recommend comprehensive examinations.

• In our practice, we offer a CO2 laser therapy for those who do not want to bear the risks of a cortisone treatment. Damaged skin areas on the surface are removed so they can renew themselves.

• As a third option, which we use very successfully, there is the possibility of self-fat therapy, which restores skin quality in the long term.

If you suffer from classic LS in the genital area, then our recommendation is laser or autologous fat. These are modern therapies that reduce symptoms and open the way to a fulfilling and satisfying sex life.

At what intervals are the therapies required?

Of course, it depends on the stage of the disease, but our extensive experience shows:

• The laser therapy is carried out at a rate of 4 weeks, until the skin has healed completely.

• In the case of autologous fat therapy, a single treatment is enough. This therapy lasts about 30 minutes and is painless under local anaesthesia.

Private medical office in a discreet atmosphere

All consultations and treatments can be experienced in our private practice. It is a perfect and discreet place for aesthetic treatments that we perform here directly and on an outpatient basis. Your health deserves only the best.

Which investments can be expected

Unfortunately, the health insurance does not contribute to the costs of the therapies. During a consultation, we determine your individual needs and wishes, so that we can truly recommend the optimal treatment for you .

Make an appointment now for a consultation. Call us at +41 61 666 62 10 or write an e-mail to

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