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Professional help with incontinence

Professional help with incontinenceThe problem is not new and it is time to liberate it from the darkness of taboo. According to recent studies, around one-seventh of the population is affected. Women suffer from it by a much larger share.

The days when incontinence was just to be accepted, are over, as there are plenty of effective treatments and therapies that we offer in our practice.

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How does incontinence occur and what causes it?

Many women suffer from incontinence Incontinence occurs in almost every age in different forms:

  • Stress or stress incontinence: Urine is lost when sneezing, laughing, coughing or carrying loads. The cause is usually muscle weakness in the bladder or pelvic floor. This form often occurs after birth. Menopause and the decline in female sex hormones are also among the causes. The weakening of the pelvic floor can also be due to age. In males, it is usually the result of removal of the prostate gland.
  • Urge incontinence describes the urge to urinate, although the bladder is almost empty. This often goes so far that the urge is no longer manageable, and it comes to involuntary urine output. The cause is an overactive and hypersensitive bladder.

What help is there to alleviate incontinence and irritable bladder?

Luckily, medicine is already well advanced and offers a lot of ways to alleviate this limitation in your quality of life:

  • In many cases physiotherapy is recommended, which is good to strengthen the muscles and the connective tissue. However, this can take a long time and does not always lead to success.
  • In our medical office, we offer laser or radiofrequency therapy, also in combination. In the process, the body's own collagen is rebuilt, the pelvic floor support apparatus reinforced and impermeable.
  • As an adjunct to laser and radiofrequency therapy, we recommend treatment with PRP, plasma derived from your own blood.

What is PRP therapy?

The base is your own blood, which is centrifuged to concentrate the body's growth factors and stem cells. The medical term for it is platelet-rich plasma. In combination with hyaluronic acid, the tissue is renewed and revitalized.

Why should I have a treatment in addition to physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy strengthens (only) the muscles of your pelvic floor, but does not renew collagen, which supports a stable bladder function.

Only through the modern laser and radiofrequency therapy and the additional PRP therapy, we have the opportunity to comprehensively treat and alleviate the incontinence.

What is about the ribbon that my doctor recommends?

In severe stress incontinence surgery for the insertion of a ribbon may be useful. Unfortunately, after the operation a fraying of the ribbon in the vagina can occur. This is a relatively common complication (up to 20%) that is difficult to treat. That's why we recommend our combination treatment of laser and PRP for incontinence.

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Where can I get the advice and a treatment?

All forms of consultations and treatments such as laser, radiofrequency and PRP therapy, you will find in our private practice. It is a perfect and discreet place for aesthetic treatments that we perform here directly and on an outpatient basis. Because you deserve it.

How much time do I need to invest?

Professional help with incontinence in BaselDepending on the type of treatment and therapy for incontinence and irritable bladder , expect 20 to 30 minutes per application. We recommend 3 treatments at intervals of 3 to 6 weeks.

Laser and radiofrequency therapies should be refreshed after 8 to 12 months.

Will I experience pain?

In all applications and treatments, we put great emphasis on making you feel good. In addition to the best medical quality, the comfort of all customers is very important to us, and freedom from pain is a determining factor, which we always consider.

Which investments can be expected?

We offer our clients these treatments at advantageous flat rates.

  • Laser therapy: 1200 SFR, single treatment 450 SFR
  • Radiofrequency therapy: 2100 SFR, single treatment 750 SFR
  • PRP treatment with hyaluronic acid: 1200 SFR
  • PRP / hyaluronic acid treatment in combination with laser or radiofrequency therapy: 700 SFR

Unfortunately, the health insurance company does not contribute to the costs of the therapies. Your quality of life is worth it. Consult with us to find the optimal solution for your needs.

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