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From girlhood to becoming a woman

For many girls, it is an exciting time as a new period of life begins: the first visit to the gynaecologist. During this special time, it is important to find someone who has all the answers that you are looking for, and whom you can trust.

In our practice, we offer special information classes for girls, from consultation to gynaecological examinations, so that you have a contact that is truly helpful.

At this stage, on the way to becoming a woman, many questions arise that you will want to discuss with a neutral person. These can be birth control problems or the wish for a birth control pill. Maybe you would like to know more about preventive vaccination, because you have heard about HPV and uterine cancer.

Questions upon questions that - in this phase of development - need to be answered professionally, yet sensitively. Doctor Anna Wagner is the right contact person for just this. Do not hesitate to call and make a first appointment with us now.

When can I start taking birth control pills?

The "pill" is still the number one contraceptive. There are helpful provisions so that it is not even a problem if you forget to take the pill for a day. Therefore, birth control in the form of pills are especially recommended for young people.

Do I have to expect side effects?

If there are no specific risk factors such as excessive obesity or smoking, the risk of thrombosis is limited. If however, thrombosis cases in your family are known, there could also be a genetic disposition and an alternative to the pill should be considered. The highest risk of thrombosis exists during pregnancy and in the puerperium (childbed). In this time the risk is much higher than during the intake of the pill.

Sometimes, complaints of headache and nausea, mood swings and decreased desire for sex are reported as results of taking birth control pills.

Is the hormonal coil (IUS) suitable for me as a contraceptive?

The hormonal coil (intrauterine system or IUS) is a long-term and safe method of contraception for all women, who do not want to think about the pill every day or whose body cannot tolerate it. Risk factors such as obesity and smoking are not a problem when using a hormonal coil.

If endometriosis or adenomyosis (diseases of the uterine lining), which are associated with pain during the period, are diagnosed, the hormonal coil may be the optimal solution. It will reduce or eliminate bleeding completely. There is also no blood on the fallopian tubes in the stomach.

Is the hormonal coil also an instrument of family planning?

There are many different opinions on this matter. A common prejudice is that women who have not yet had a child cannot use the hormonal coil as contraception. We dispel this myth, which is important for ladies who cannot tolerate the pill or belong to a specific risk group.

The good news is: Women who remove the hormonal coil before the 5-year period (typical effective duration of the coil) can become pregnant just one month after the removal, since ovulation will be back to normal.

Are there options for "hormone-free" contraception?

In addition to the hormonal coil, there are a number of other contraceptives which work with a different mechanism. The best known options are a copper coil, copper chain and copper ball. As the names show, all three have different shapes, whereas the effect is the same.

Copper is applied to the coil, chain or ball so that it alters the biochemical environment in the uterus and inhibits the motility of the sperm. If a sperm nevertheless manages to fertilize an egg, it cannot nest in the uterus because of the mechanical barrier.

Where can I get a coil?

Coils are inserted by a gynaecologist. The contraceptive coil is effective between 3 to 5, sometimes even up to 10 years. The device remains in the uterus during that time. Regular check-ups are recommended.

When should I use a coil?

A common reason to use the coil is the intolerance to the pill. Another important factor is a matter of comfort, because for many years contraception and the fear of negligence that may lead to pregnancy are off the table.

Even women who have not yet had children can easily wear a coil.

This family planning option makes use of the old wisdom of the "temperature method". What's new is that the measured data is now stored in a computer that calculates the exact time of fertility. The cycle computer records all data about the cycle and then evaluates it.

When using this method, it is important to note that knowing your own cycle is still beneficial and requires a certain amount of discipline to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

If you are personally not extremely worried about getting pregnant eventually and if you would like to have a child sooner or later anyways, the cycle computer can be the best alternative for you: no chemistry, no hormones, no side effects.

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