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Anal-bleaching - Flawless beauty for the most intimate moments

Anal Bleaching Basel


To truly feel proud and happy about yourself means taking care of your whole body.

The skin is the largest organ of your body and plays the most vital role for your well-being and self esteem. The area around the anus can only be seen in the most intimate moments, but that is when it matters most for feeling fully desirable . From now on you can enjoy the experience that every part of your body is perfectly adapted to your skin type.

This article tells you everything you need to know about anal bleaching and how it will contribute greatly to your self confidence.

What causes the dark colouration on the anus?

The cause for the colour is called melanin, a substance that is produced by pigment cells, which also gives our hair and skin their colour. It is darker in some parts of the body and brighter in others. Different factors such as the hormone balance or the genetic predisposition are responsible for the intensity of the staining. We offer a way out of this problem!

Rely on our proven bleaching methods

The term 'anal bleaching' sounds more dramatic than it actually is. We work with a proven laser method, which causes the dark areas to be brightened up with hardly any discomfort. Alternatively, or to increase the effectiveness, a depigmentation cream is applied, which helps to lighten the pigments at the treated area as well. For optimal results we recommend at least two treatments depending on the amount of pigmentation. With our personal consultation you will find what is right for you.

Ensuring a procedure without pain

The area to be treated is a very sensitive one. Therefore, many of our clients recommend the application of a pain relieving ointment (anaesthesia cream) before treatment. This happens about an hour before the application. Gentle care in the hours thereafter mitigates the slight irritations that sometimes occur. With these measures, you will experience the treatment nearly without pain and can fully enjoy the benefits soon afterwards.

How to create lasting results for your happiness

To determine how long the results will take hold, the skin type and strength of pigmentation are crucial factors. The skin typically begins to darken after about six months. Therefore, it is beneficial to repeat the most current treatment method in an interval of five to six months. A prognosis can only be made after the assessment by our team of specialists. This way we will take care that you feel completely confident with the results.

Only trust expert medical supervision for anal-bleaching

You may have read in the media about over-the-counter whitening creams. This only appears to be a cost-effective alternative at first glance. Taking a closer look, you discover the possible side effects of such high-risk substances that can become dangerous: Your skin is irritated, maybe even burned. Scar tissue forms, just where you want your skin to be particularly smooth and beautiful.

You deserve better.

In our medical office, we only use prescription based laser treatments and creams. Applications and treatments are only done under medical supervision. This is our safety and competence promise to you. During the whole process, there is no need for you to worry and you can fully enjoy the benefits of the treatment.

Is your skin suited for anal-bleaching?

Generally, there are no reasons that preclude anyone from anal-bleaching, unless there is a medical contraindication.

Anal-bleaching is available to all those who want to feel attractive and cared for all around even in the most intimate areas of their body. Bleaching is not limited to the anus only. Other intimate regions, for example the labia, can also undergo treatment so that you feel even more happy with your appearance.

Potential risks of a bleaching treatment

Bleaching is a medical treatment that is carried out by highly trained professionals. Therefore, there are almost no risks for you. It is possible that smaller, light-dark spots on the skin may remain visible, which is due to medical reasons. However, you can view these as a charming sign of your commitment to full beauty.

Another inconvenience is that public health insurance companies do not cover the costs of this treatment. However, bleaching is certainly worth your while, as it has even more added benefits. The laser treatment stimulates the formation of new collagen in the skin so that an additional anti-aging effect occurs. Altogether, you will feel refreshed and excited about the effects.

Visit our private medical office in a discreet atmosphere

All consultations and treatments can be experienced in our private practice. It is a perfect and discreet place for aesthetic treatments, which we perform directly on location and on an outpatient basis. Your beauty deserves only the best.

You are welcome to make an appointment for a consultation now. Call us at +41 61 666 62 10 Or write an e-mail to

What you will invest to develop your full beauty

Because we treat our customers individually, a specific price cannot be provided here. After our team recommends the type of treatment that ensures an optimal result for you personally, we will find the right investment for your needs. This personalized approach ensures that you gain your flawless body and happiness. Don't hesitate to contact us to feel pure and wholly beautiful in the future!

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